Thread of destiny

Love that only which happens to thee, and is spun with the thread of thy destiny. For what is more suitable? MARCUS AURELIUS

I’m always balancing two values: keeping one foot in being the best version of myself and contributing the most I can to the world, whilst also keeping one foot grounded in my life as it is now. Although tricky to stay present in both, when you can do this, it is incredibly powerful and peaceful.

If you get impatient or stressed about moving towards where you want or don’t want to be, remember that this is the moment that you have now and you need to work with what has been spun for you rather than struggle against it, in order to move peacefully towards your destiny. Practice loving your thread regardless and see if that sinks you deeper into enjoying the journey rather than striving for the destination.

Feel free to contact me for support with bringing more balance and acceptance into your life.

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