Are you looking for a safe space to become who your soul longs to be?
A safe space where deep transformation and healing can happen?

I am a fully qualified mentor specialising in helping creatives to release blocks in order to allow themselves to make beautiful things. I am trained in an alternative style of mentoring that gently explores and guides clients towards a clear vision of their purpose whilst also investigating fears and energetic blocks currently holding them back. This gentle exploration of emotional pain focuses them on what they want, so that they can work with their own unique energy and release and heal old patterns and emotional traumas currently holding them back.

My mentoring is carefully designed to create space, stillness and peace so that each person can be a clear vessel for the creative forces of life to flow freely through you, allowing them to evolve effortlessly into their fullest potential.

Are you ready to do less and be more? Get out of your own way and let creativity flow through you…

As your creative mentor I will help you to

  • Simplify your life and create as much space, stillness and peace as possible
  • Develop a strong space-making practice that will help you to plug into your source, clear yourself, balance your energy and get ready for guidance, intuition and miracles
  • Get crystal clear on what you are here to do and how you are going to use your creative talents to thrive and light up the world
  • Develop a strong confidence and faith in yourself and what you’re here to do
  • Balance all areas of your life, set clear visions for each AND develop the mindset needed to relax whilst you flow happily towards them (or something better!)

This mentoring is for you if

  • You are willing to let something powerful work through you
  • You want to inject some rhythm and momentum into your creative projects
  • You’re not afraid of facing up to your shadows
  • You are willing to put in serious time and energy into getting quiet
  • You want to contribute to the enlightenment and wellbeing of others
  • You are open to getting curious about working with and being guided by the creative forces of the Universe

It’s not for you if

  • Your unwillingly to relinquish your hold on busyness, stress and noise
  • You are happy staying stuck behind your fears
  • You are not prepared to get uncomfortable, take action or get your hands dirty
  • You are unwilling to explore your connection to the unseen forces of the Universe

Create space, then let positive energy flow…

Book in a free 20 minute chat with me to find out if I can help you to be who you want to be.

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