Dark Side of the Moon

My household was crazy yesterday. Proper. Crazy. It started at 6am with a whirlwind of fierce energy from my son which culminating in a vampire-style attack on my daughter; progressed on to my husband and I who managed to argue for a whole hour about whose legs were further under the breakfast table (SIDE-NOTE: he’s 6.4, I’m 5.4 – hmmm, I wonder?); and ended with my daughter squealing non-stop for the rest of the day.

It wasn’t until long after table-gate that I had a thought, and after a quick google confirmed my suspicion: it was of course the day of a full moon.

My husband, who is naturally skeptical about things like this, has seen this parallel far too many times now to still think it’s just a coincidence. We laughed when we found out and the tension eased. We were still crazy but the crazy took on a different hue. (Following incidences included my husband drinking from the gravy boat at lunch instead of his water glass).

I have no idea why this happens, and I’ve given up trying to understand it – it’s part of the beautiful mystery of nature, the super natural. But knowing the moon can effect me in this way, and allowing for the possibility that all sorts of other things could also potentially effect my emotional energy, makes me relax into whatever I’m feeling. When I accept it and stop trying to understand or get rid of it, it’s much easier to respond consciously rather than react emotionally.

If you have a dark mood this week (or in the future – hopefully we’ll all be nice and fresh once this full moon energy clears), bring your attention to the fact that it might be an effect of something bigger than you which you don’t fully understand, and be kind to yourself. See the energy for what it is and give it space. Accept that it might be an energy from nature – an evolutionary impulse from a higher mind that knows better than us.

If you’ve had any similar experiences in the lead up to Sunday’s full moon please do share your tales with me. But most of all, just keep loving your dark side. If you want any tips on how to do this or some suggested reading I’d be happy to share notes with you.

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