I’m Katy Zwiers. I’m a reiki practitioner and wellness coach.

After many years of researching happiness, I realised that what gets in the way of my own happiness most of the time is… myself.

I know that all I need to do to be happy is meet myself exactly where I am and choose in that moment to enjoy the situation exactly as it is – good or bad.

I also know that making time for space, stillness and silence is a transformative, healing practice that aligns my energy and connects me to an intelligent life force that can guide me towards a far more wonderful existence than when I try to force my way there myself.

I’ve been practicing this for years and it’s my truth.

I use reiki as my main method for getting still and connecting with my faith in a higher power.

I set big intentions and then I surrender and let them go to the life forces that govern the Universe.

I welcome my shadows, as I know that they are guiding me towards the light.

I discovered long ago that all of my desires and needs could be drilled down to one unified intention: to enjoy life.

Everything else is just stuff that I think will lead to a future moment when I can start enjoying myself, which will never come but always be replaced with a new desire: when I have a successful business, when I have a blissful marriage or when my kids are utterly contended.

This stuff actually just gets in the way of me enjoying everything I already have right now.

I realised it would make more sense to just go straight for this unified intention of enjoying life. Instead of seeking this stuff that might bring me an enjoyable life, just concentrate on living an enjoyable life whatever was happening, and I could reach my end result without worrying about all of the bits in the middle. When you do this, you can’t lose. (Well, you can, but you enjoy losing.)

Meeting yourself where you are isn’t always pretty but is always peaceful. And nothing brings peace in a bigger abundance than living in peace. Striving, on the other hand, just brings more and more striving.

I have found over the years that the more I surrender to what I perceive as ‘darkness’: a struggling business, a human marriage and complicated kids, the more things falls into place and transform into exactly what I wanted anyway. I bring the darkness to the light.

This is life’s big paradox. It seems so counter-intuitive to think that doing less, letting go and surrendering is the way to get what you want – a happy existence – but deep down inside, something inside of you knows that this is it.

Trust it and let go of where you think you should be so that you can start enjoying where you are now, before it’s too late.