My Mission

My focus as a personal development mentor is support my clients with an issue I suffered with for most of my life: a feeling of not being ‘good enough’. I don’t know how many other people get immobilised by this fear, but I think it’s a lot. Even some of the most powerful, confident people I know have confessed to me an underlying sense of self-lack permeating their existence, underneath all the bravado. After being frozen by this fear for most of my life, and after seeing it freeze others on their way to greatness, my dream is to help others find their ‘I AM’: their own unshakeable knowledge that they are always enough

It’s taken me over ten years of intensive training, deep self-investigation, an incredible husband, two beautiful kids and many wonderful mentors to finally get to a place where I feel I have removed most of the well-intended mulch I’d programmed into my subconscious as an attempt to keep myself safe but small. I want to help you dig beneath the mulch covering your beautiful soul so that you can shine like you're supposed to and remember who you really are!

You are enough in your own unique way. Once you get over the fears that block you from knowing this, you will find the vast expanse of talent you've been hiding. It comes in different shapes and forms and manifests in different ways, but it is there, believe me. (And to you, reading this saying to yourself she’s not talking about me, I AM!)

The more people who have access to their own greatness, the greater humanity can evolve. We all need to remember who we are and how we can make an impact, big or small, in order to steer the world in a positive direction. We all need to remember how great we are.

I work with women who are ready to own their unique talents and start making a positive impact for themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

We are all enough. We all have equal value. There is plenty of room for us all to be successful and talented.

Fabulousness is not finite.

Let's make humanity great again...

I believe we won't be made great by focusing on what's wrong in the world - the problems. We'll be made great by focusing on what we want to change and then seeking solutions. That's the way forward.

Do you want to contribute to the enlightenment and wellbeing of others?

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Belief is everything: be still and know, I AM.